Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vintage Schwinn Bicycle

Vintage Tank Schwinn

The Vintage Schwinn bicycle is the most fashionable bicycle in the world. In case you don't believe me, simply do a examine on the Net and contemplate the many results return. Let's dig into the archives a bit to come up with elsewhere what makes the Schwinn so festive to so many of us.
Schwinn, was founded in 1895 by Ignaz Schwinn and became the dominant manufacturer of American bicycles during the whole of the rest of the 20th century. The bicycle mania that originated in Chicago, Illinois saw 30 factories producing over 1,000 units per day! However, the with the advent of the automobile, approval of the bicycle waned - product dropped 25%. What followed were frequent turbulent years brought on by Schwinn's insistence that their distributors put up for sale and function just Schwinn bicycles. This led to many battles that ultimately resulted in Schwinn losing a Supreme Court outcome in 1967. This did not change the demand of the "vintage Schwinn" and its legacy lives on today. All the more although the fame Schwinn still remains strong today, the term "vintage Schwinn Bicycles" may live emerge much more popular!
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