Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back to Basics....

Sometimes no agenda is best. I didn't read the hundred ads on Craigslist and map out the Saturday morning route for the best sales. Actually I slept in until 7:00 am and took my time getting out the door. started heading east looking for "Yard Sale" signs. I found some great sales and met some really nice folks.

Here are a few treasures I found and I even got some story's. -

1950's Coca Cola Ice Cooler - This measures around 11.5" x 11" and not very good condition but, a rare piece and worth a few bucks. the guy who sold it to me was dealing with some hardships and was needing to sell a lot of antiques and vintage items. I don't usually like collecting coke advertising but I felt like helping him out. He was asking 40 bucks but I just couldn't pop on it for that price!
Picked: 25.00
Value: 50.00
SOLD 70.00

1960's Wicker/Bamboo Tiki Chair - My first Yard Sale buy of the day...  Great condition
Picked: 10 bucks
Value: 100.00

1961 Tonka Firetruck - Complete with all the hoses, ladder and the fire hydrant.  This truck was purchased at a yard sale from the original owner.The guy has had this truck for 50 years and decides to sell it at a freakin' Yard Sale?

Picked: 20 bucks
Value: 195.00

1890's Steamer Trunk -  Awesome shape - Great find.

Picked 40.00
Value: 75.00
SOLD 65.00

1936 242A Coleman Lantern -  Great Find. Found it setting under a work bench still in the original box. From what I have since learned, this was the first year that Coleman came out with the 242A. Made it a bit valuable. Great Find!

picked: 4.00
Value: 50.00
SOLD 135.00

Early 50's Cities Service toy wrecker truck -  I little ruff but a great advertising piece.

Picked: 15 bucks
Value 50 Bucks
SOLD 65.00