Monday, August 15, 2011

Massey Ferguson Model 1100 Pedal Tractor

My first pedal tractor restoration
  Massey Ferguson Model 1100
 ERTL Made in USA
 Date: approximately 1977

This is the same tractor

My first pedal tractor restoration... Ain't it cute? Restoring these toy vehicles are a lot of fun but can be expensive. Here is a breakdown of my total cost -

 Pedal Tractor 100.00
Blast the parts 30.00
Decals 20.00
Front wheels 19.50
Paint using coded MF red and MF gray - 4 coats 48.00
Rear Hub Caps 8.50
Hardware & Supplies 10.00

Total Expense: 236.00
Value: 375.00 NFS


  1. I have one that looks just like yours. Mine even has the chain guard and pedals. Mine was used as a store display model. Every thing is original.

    Mark (

  2. Awesome! Send me a pic and Ill post it.