Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Merry (Vintage) Christmas

I have so many memories of Christmas past. Family, wonderful dinners, opening gifts and all the houses decorated for this wonderful season. I decided to start buying Christmas stuff at auctions and yard sales. Here's a few items I purchased and sold.

1960's Aluminum 6' christmas Tree
Paid: 20 bucks
SOLD 250.00

Blow-Mold Candle Lamp Post 42' 

Paid 3.50 at a yard sale
SOLD 35.00

Rare 60's "Father Christmas" Blow-Mold -
38" tall
Paid 3.00
SOLD: 54.00

40' Blow-mold Toy Soldiers

Paid: 5 bucks
SOLD: 32.50

Merry Christmas everyone!