Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some of My February Finds...

Been hitting a few estate sales, auctions, and yard sales - Here are a couple treasures I snagged.

TROXEL Bicycle or Motorcycle Saddle/Seat. Dated between 1910-1930. Established in 1899, the company made seats for Harley Davidson, Indian, Schwinn and several other companies. I was at an auction a few weeks ago and bid 20.00 on an old wooden whisky box full of vintage bicycle parts. Already sold most of the parts making a profit five times my investment. Most folks see this as junk...
TROXEL saddle -
Value: 60 bucks
SOLD: 42.00

1955 Girls Schwinn Bicycle. Purchased from an auction in Fresno CA. This bike is all original... Even has the original tires! A little cleaning and a lot of WD-40 the bike was ready to roll. Vintage girls bikes are a little easier to find because girls either-  rarely rode them or took better care. Back in the day... gals would rather play dolls or help bake cookies but, boys depended on their bikes for adventure and mischief. Anyway, that's probably why boy bicycles are harder to find and subsequently cost more.

Winning Bid: 37.50
Value: 75.00 (in this condition)
SOLD: 85.00

Let me be the first to tell you... The 70's are making a comeback! I'm not so sure disco's returning but swag lamps are getting very popular. especially in Asia. Swags are those funky looking lights that we used to hang from a chain over furniture. When I was a kid every living room had one hanging in a corner.

 Picked: 30 bucks (pair)
Value: ?
SOLD: $60.00

Fairbanks Platform Scale.
Winning bid: 30.00
Value: 160.00
FOR SALE: 100.00
Model #11
This 600 lb capacity portable platform scale was
manufactured between the late 1800’s and the early
Purchased at Baird's Auction in Fresno CA.
SOLD: 90.00

All the items in these 4 pictures are antiques from Germany. Brought to America many years ago, I just acquired these items and plan the get them appraised in the next few weeks. Obviously an awesome find.

1970's Ashtray Stand - Purchased at an estate sale in Fresno CA. This stands about 24" tall. I'm telling you...The 70's are coming back!

Paid: 20.00
Value 45.00

1975-77 Coleman Ice Coolers - I just love these things and I don't know why. Both are close to mint condition. The big blue one was still in a box! I bought them at estates sales and paid 17.00 for the green one and 20 bucks for the big one.

 I remember my Mom buying a green Coleman back in the 70's and we used it every time she took us kids camping, fishing or trips to Grandmas in Waterford CA. I guess that is why I love 'em.

Picked: Green 17.00  Blue 20.00
Value:   Green 60.00 Blue 100.00

Antique Black Powder Pistol Flask

Made of brass - Probably European -
Mid 19th century - Amazing condition
Estimated Value: 225.00
Appraised 250.00 - 500.00
For Sale: 225.00

1960 Gas Pump
Picked from a barn is Madera CA. I have the front/rear panels, nozzles and  a few other parts. I tried to get it for 50 bucks but the guy said $75.00.
OMG... This is heavier than my Harley!
Picked: 75 bucks
Value: 150.00    SOLD: 175.00

1970's Hanging Light Fixture - The picture doesn't do these justice...Beautiful!
 I stopped at a yard sale a few weeks ago and it was obviously dumpster diver trash. Now don't get me wrong some of the wealthiest junkers and pickers started with dumpster diving but, this was real trash. Anyway, after a brief conversation I said thanks and started to leave... Then I saw this light fixture hanging in a tree. She said she wants 15.00 and I countered with 6 bucks. Now the reason I said 6 bucks is, that's all I had left. I spent the rest of my money at the other sales I hit earlier that morning. She jumped on that 6 bucks like a June bug on crack.

We painted the metal, rewired the lamps, replaced the chain and cleaned up the globes before listing on eBay. I was amazed how awesome they turned out.
   Picked: 6 Bucks
   Value: 55.00  SOLD: 53.00



  2. Hey John, yep there's a story... All these German gems came from the home of a couple who came to America before the 40's. There grandson acquired the home and did not want these awesome treasures. My friend, Aunt Mickey called and asked if I would like to have them. It took me about 6 minutes to arrive at her home. S0,how are you doing? Find and any more cool stuff? Thanks for signing up as a follower!