Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Coastal Roadtrip...

I had a great trip over to the central California coast. Quality time with Babydoll, a great day with my Kids, Grandkids, did a little bass fishing and found some time to do some pickin' & junkin'!

Bell Helmet - Vintage 1960's.  Still in great shape with the leather strap, I was excited to find this cool motorcycle helmet.

Picked: 5.00
Value: 50.00
SOLD 23.00 Shipped to Australia

Coca Cola Star X Bottle Opener - Probably dated between 1930's and 40's.  Great shape!

Picked: A Buck
Value; 15.00

1940's Fedora Men's Hat - Back in the day...This hat was originality purchased on 5th Ave. in New York, I found this hat in filthy condition. After some cleaning it looked new again. Great find!
Picked: 2.50
Value: 20.00
SOLD: 30.00

1980's Pair of Hanging Lamps-  I know what your thinking.. But, they're cool and a great collectors item. The cherubs are solid brass and the globes with the cut glass are amazing. After replacing the rusty chain and re-wiring both lights I just might use them in our funky front bathroom.

Paid; 20.00
Value: 85.00


Olympic Log Master - Ram head Andirons.  Each of the andirons is solid cast iron and the ram's heads are in perfect condition.
The design of these andirons is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.
The andirons are each approximately 20 3/4 inches long and 8 1/4 inches tall to the top of the rams horn.  They are heavy 32 lbs each. I believe these are very rare and date back before the 1930's.
I stopped at a small yard sale and while talking to the homeowner i noticed these sitting in the garage and asked if she would sell them. After a lengthily conversation she sold 'em to me.
Paid: Private
Value: 850.00                                              

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