Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Finds

Thought I would share a few recent vintage finds -

Coleman 200A Lantern - Made 6-1964, used only a few times, in amazing condition. I bought this at an auction in Fresno CA. I wanted it so bad I waited about 3 hours.
Paid: 22.50
Value: 100.00
SOLD: 89.88 Shipped to Tokyo, Japan

ERTL John Deere Petal Tractor 1970's - found in Chowchilla CA. I saw a guy selling stuff on a sidewalk and made him an offer. Not a big fan of John Deere but I really liked the condition it was in. The trailer i found in Centerville CA at a Yard Sale
Tractor: Paid 70.00 Value 150.00
Trailer: Paid 40.00 Value 40.00

Sale pending

Schwinn Phantom Bicycle Tank: 1950's.  I got this on Craigslist. I called the guy less than a minute after he posted the ad. The tank was reproduced in the 90's but this one is the real deal. It was a little rusty and dented but a great find!
Paid 20.00 SOLD 137.50

Schwinn Ladies Breeze 1960's -  I bought this a Yard Sale near Clovis CA. It wasn't even part of the sale. I mentioned to the guy that I buy vintage stuff like bikes and motorcycles so he offered to show me some awesome things in the barn. This bike belonged to his mother. She bought it and didn't like it so she stored it 40 years. I cleaned it up and took it to San Luis Obispo CA and sold it. Figured it would sell better in a college town.     Paid 60.00  SOLD 130.00

This is a cool thing I found at a Rummage sale in West Fresno CA. All porcelain front to an old gas pump. It would look cool hanging in a restaurant or a vintage store. I hung it over a movie poster "Walk the Line" that is hangin' on a door in my garage. Anyway, I think it cool and I couldn't pass it up!  Paid: 40 bucks. FOR SALE   Make me an offer

Coleman 242 lanterns - I think 1946 - My good friend John actually found these at a barn estate sale in Stockton CA. He gave 5 bucks for both and called me to see if I wanted them. Heck yeah! I love dirty junk. I gladly gave John 20.00 for these awesome lanterns.
Hard to believe this one of dirty lanterns. I cleaned 'em up and listed both on eBay.
Paid: 20.00 Sold 155.00

Angeles Co Tricycle - Probably 80's but looks older. Found it at a Thrift Sore in Fresno CA called - "4 Sisters Thrift". If you are ever in the area of Ashlan & Cedar in Fresno, check this store out. These gals are cool and tell 'em Joe sent you.Maybe you'll get a bargain! Paid: 30 bucks NFS I'm giving this to my grandson

Thanks ya'll... Joe
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