Thursday, January 19, 2012

Porcelain Advertising Signs

My buddy Len aka "da bread guy" has every porcelain sign ever made. He probably has thousands! I always enjoy hearing his amazing stories about how he finds all these old advertising signs. While touring the inside of his home, he allowed me to take a few pictures. Every square inch of his home inside and out is covered with old signs. He estimates some are worth $1,000's. I need to convince Len to sell a few of these signs to me. Of all the vintage requests I receive, porcelain signs are at the top of the list.

The living room

 Thanks Lenny for the tour and don't forget I still have that Sally Ann Sliced Bread crate you want!
Len also has 100's of collectible oil cans

Mobil Pegasus Flying Red Horses


  1. Which one do you mean "porcelain advertising signs" from those photos above?

  2. The flying mobile horses are my favorite. However he is wanting 5,000. for the pair. Most folks are requesting any sign made of porcelain.., just as long as it's old. Joe