Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Picks.....

WW2 military items are big collector items and it seems to be getting more popular. I usually avoid buying these things from WW2 because it makes me think of my Father and what he had to go through during the battle of Iwo Jima. He told me one time, when ever you see a Marine at a restaurant always buy his meal and thank him for the freedom you have. I proudly honored his request. Enough said about that.
          Paid: 3.00
          Value: 25.00  SOLD 86.00 

Sony Car TV Antenna  Model # VCA-1 Made in the 1960's and a HOT item all over the world!
Picked: 1 buck
Value: 150.00   SOLD: 134.08

1919 oil heater stove -  beautiful glass center, ash try under the feet and it's in amazing condition.  Purchased from an artist in Squaw Valley CA. very rare piece.
Paid: 30.00
Value: 75.00 SOLD: 45.00
Kickin' myself in the butt... Should have kept it!

Schwinn Spitfire w/tank and torpedo head light - purchased from Craigslist.

Purchased: 100.00
Value: 300.00

Coleman single mantel lantern. Big collectors item worldwide. Model # 200A made 1959

Picked: 6 bucks
Value: 40.00    SOLD: 74.00 (shipped to Japan)



Really Nice Pepsi ice chest cooler. Probably 1960's
Picked: 40.00  For Sale: 65.00  SOLD


I found this case of MUG Rootbeer bottles in a storage unit. I was the highest bidder at 15 bucks. Graphics and condition is perfect. Dated: early 70's.

Picked: 15.00
value: ?
SOLD: 30.00

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