Friday, October 15, 2010

Sunnyside Swap Meet

  The Big Sunnyside Swap Meet was located on the corner of Clovis and Olive in Fresno CA. Started around 1972 and probably ended around mid 90's. Hundreds of sellers and thousands of people shopping for bargains.
  Yesterday I was driving down Clovis Ave. and saw where the old Sunnyside Drive-in theater used to be. The only thing left is an old sign and an empty field. At night it was a drive-in  and on weekends it was the Sunnyside Swap Meet. Hundreds of folks would clean-out their sheds, barns garages and bring their junk here. The first time I sold at the swap meet I was 15. My dad drove the truck and set the prices. He made a little money but did more talking than selling. The next week I drove the truck myself and dad showed up later to check on me. Anyway, I was sold-out by 9am with a pocket full of  money. You see, I ain't much of a talker. I watched the people...Saw what they were buying and figured out what I needed to sell.

The other dealers called me the kid... some stole my stuff and others watched out for me. I sold anything I thought I could make a buck on -Tools, lawnmowers, furniture, jewelry and antiques, After a few years I even shared a pony picture business. Anyway, eventually people realized they could stay home put up a few signs and have a "Garage Sale"  so the flea market thing started slowing down. After a fight with a vendor over a doll I bought for my daughter Andrea, my swap meet days were over. I guess that was around 1984.


  1. Such memories.. I think the Roseville Swap Meet is still going strong. Maybe you should think about starting the Swap Meet back up. With gas prices the way they are, people might like to look at things in one place. What happened with the doll?

  2. I bought Annie a doll that was defective and wanted to exchange it. The vendor wouldn't exchange so I tore down his canopy and turn over a table. After we got a new doll I was kicked out of the swap meet.

  3. I was told yesterday that there is a large Swapmeet every Monday at the fairgrounds in Hanford??

  4. I'll check it out... Selma has a weekly Flea Market too.

  5. I guess by now you know they reopened the Swap Meet...Sat & Sun 7-3

    1. Yes, I'm glad you mentioned that. The Sunnyside Swapmeet reopened on 2/18/12. I was there both Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th and bought several great deals. ANTIQUE wagon - white mountain ice cream maker - original cast iron toys - compotes - vintage fishing reel and more. Met the owner and talked with some friends. Overall two awesome days at the NEW Sunnyside Swapmeet.