Monday, October 4, 2010

My Picks

I found this at an estate sale from the home of Kermit Koontz who passed 12/09 at the age of 94. This Coca Cola clock has a logo known as a "fish tail" and was made sometime in the 1950's. The light works and keeps perfect time.
 Picked: 30.00
 Valued: 150.00 SOLD 176.00

I bought this vintage statue at a sale in Squaw Valley Ca. I paid 10 bucks for it and listed it on ebay for 150.00. It was made by an artist known as FrankArt and dated Aug 7th 1929.
Picked for 10.00
Value: 250.00   SOLD 275.00

What a great find! Most vintage motorcycle stuff sells... Harley Davidson is probably the top seller. if its old and has HD on it, Buy it!
We decided to visit a thrift store and I found this vintage Harley Davidson pin for 8 bucks. This dates back to the 40's and is in very good condition.
Picked for 8.00

Value 65.00  SOLD 40.00


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